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Ours is diverse product portfolio of testing equipments and ambient quality metering machines that are trusted by consumers across the domain. Following is a list of broad categories to whom our products belong:
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Weather Monitoring Instruments
  • Air Pollution Sampler
  • Water Testing Instruments
  • Noise Meters
  • Soil Measurement
  • Data Logger
  • Light Measuring instruments
  • Light Sensor Range

Our mission is to expand the horizons of our company's operation and justify the purpose of our offerings by delivering on our promise of precision engineered and accuracy driven atmospheric quality metering and pollution level assessment devices, the main objective behind them being necessary steps be taken to avert a catastrophic scenario in the foreseeable future. We aim to develop and introduce ourselves as an organization whose ethical responsibilities and execution far outweigh its commercial endeavors.

Why Solar Power?

Solar energy is not only the most viable and sound renewable alternative to the conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels, but is also relatively energy efficient and economical to top off. Moreover, the events of abrupt power cutoffs and high costs of maintenance are reduced to a minimum, which comes a big sigh of relief. As an added bonus, government agencies offer hefty subsidies and busies perks om usage of such means, which makes installation of solar power units a win-win scenario.

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